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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Kendall Quack. I’m an artist, illustrator, designer, nature enthusiast, and collector of experiences and skills. I’d love to talk with you about all the things we can do together.


Let’s work together

I think of each project as a unique collaboration between the two of us. I enjoy taking the time to get to know your needs and diving deeper into what makes you tick. For many of my clients, their brand is a reflection of themselves, and so getting to know them as a person helps me better understand their work and create something greater than the sum of its parts.

I start by asking some questions to get to know you and the needs of the project a bit better. We’ll work together to get to the heart of your brand and create a mood board of images that will guide the design process. This helps to get us both excited about the project and ensure that we’re on the same page.

After that, I’ll present you with some initial concepts. Typically this includes 2-3 ideas that I think will suit the needs of the project. You’ll let me know which concept you prefer and suggest any changes, and I’ll work to tighten up and finalize the design.

Fancy Dream
Prefix Mockup.png
Kendall’s heart comes through in every work she makes. I had full faith that not only would she evoke the feeling I desired from my business graphics, but that the same heart I had in my work was going to shine through in her work and positively and accurately express who I was, as well.
— Jordan, Bear and the River North
Something that stuck out to me is how organized Kendall is. From the invoicing to the consultation to the presentation of deliverables and the final delivery of assets. Her process is air tight, and has been an eye-opener because I haven’t worked with designers before who were as well organized and respectful of my time.
— Naima, Bud Coven


Another way for us to work together is through licensing. You can either choose a design that I’ve already made or request something custom to use on your products or as wall art. We’ll work together to come up with a licensing agreement and royalty rate that works for everyone.

If you’d like to license a design to use on your products, Please use the contact form below or shoot me an email at!


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