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Snake + Peonies Letterpress Print

Snake + Peonies Letterpress Print


The snake has long been a symbol for change, rebirth, nature, and the earth. Despite their symbolism, many see the snake with fearful eyes. When we look at the snake as an archetype, however, we see it's truth -- close to nature, carrying a deep understanding of the earth and her terrain, the snake sheds its skin and makes way for new growth. This beauty is what draws me to use the snake motif so commonly in my work. Covered in peonies instead of scales, the snake in this piece becomes more decorative, releasing it from the negative or frightening connotations it often carries.

6x9" - letterpress printed on heavyweight, slightly textured Lettra.
Vibrant, rich color, clean lines, high detail, high quality print.
Ships safely to you backed with chipboard for stability and wrapped in tissue paper.

$4 domestic shipping.

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