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Tesselated Snake Letterpress Print

Tesselated Snake Letterpress Print


This print takes inspiration from all of my favorite things. Nature, mythology, folk lore, and quilting combine forces to make to make this 11x14 linocut, letterpress printed in one color on medium weight drawing paper. The composition is a tessellation, so it can be repeated several times to make a pattern. 

The four-headed snake references the hydra, a creature from greek mythology that has several heads. It is said that when one head is chopped from the hydra, two grow in its place. In the same way that the snake/hydra repeats itself and gets tangled up in itself, the hexagon pattern also repeats to multiply itself and create a complex tessellation.

Limited Edition, Signed Prints
11x14" - letterpress on medium weight drawing paper.
Ships to you backed with cardboard and wrapped in tissue paper.

$4 domestic shipping.

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