WELCOME to Tenderheart Studio


I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Kendall Quack, and I’m the hands, heart, and brain behind Tenderheart Studio: an illustration studio and lifestyle brand aimed at creating a deeper awareness of our connection with the world around us.

I believe in the power of vulnerability, human connection, and deep presence to change the world.

I believe in both compassion and grit, and in doing the work to integrate our shadows as ourselves.

I live with the sun at high noon.


My work is inspired by many things, most prominently: self-reflection, the natural world and its symbolism, mythology and the occult, astrology, tattoos, antique etchings, lithography and bookplates, botany and herbalism, and the human condition.

I’m curious by nature and constantly in search of meaning — drawing has been a way to process the world and fit together disparate pieces of a larger puzzle, using flora and fauna and other imagery for their symbolic potential.


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Work with me

I enjoy working with independent, values based brands and individuals who seek something deeper with their work and life. Plant people, mystics, witches, healers, creatives, and other intuitive folks are my favorite collaborators. Whether creating a logo, packaging, presentation, or a personal piece, it’s my goal to get at the heart of the matter — who are you really; what is the essence of your business? Once that essence is distilled, we can breathe life into those bones and come up with something that is uniquely you.



If you, too, are a heart-forward and sensitive person seeking someone who will not only understand that, but capture the beauty of it in their work, Kendall is someone you can trust with your project or commission.
— jordan, bear and the river north