Welcome, dear one.

Kendall Quack works a freelance illustrator in St. Paul, Minnesota, taking on both personal and commercial projects that range from one-off drawings to stationery and identity work. She loves nature and self-reflection, magic and herbalism, and is always on the hunt for the perfect breakfast burrito. Through intricate line work and subtle color, she captures flora and fauna in a way that highlights their symbolic potential and reflects these aspects of ourselves.

Her work is inspired by many things, most prominently: self-reflection, the natural world and its symbolism, mythology and the occult, astrology, tattoos, antique etchings, lithography and bookplates, botany and herbalism, zen philosophy, and the human condition.

Curious by nature and constantly in search of meaning — drawing has been a way for her to process the world and fit together disparate pieces of a larger puzzle.

Kendall is currently available for commercial work and private commissions. If you’re interested in these or have questions about licensing or wholesaling her prints, contact her at or use the form below.


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Clients Include:

The Pitch, Kansas City Art Institute, The Coterie Theatre, Forage Botanicals, Sabat Magazine, Habitat for Humanity.