Bud Coven


Bud Coven is a sacred digital space where women, weed, and ancient wisdom come together for the purpose of furthering spiritual consciousness through cannabis, spirituality and community.

Naima reached out to me to create a logo for her business. She was looking for a unique symbol that reflected the sacred nature of the plant and the community, and I gave her a variety of options from the most basic symbol up to a more complex image she could use on printed matter or even tote bags and other products. I also created a custom, hand drawn logotype for her.

Something that stuck out to me is how organized Kendall is. From the invoicing to the consultation to the presentation of deliverables and the final delivery of assets. Her process is air tight, and has been an eye-opener because I haven’t worked with designers before who were as well organized and respectful of my time.
— Naima, Bud Coven