The Proof is in the Process

Do you ever look through old sketchbooks and remember who you were, who you are?

I've spent the last week scanning sketchbooks from when I was in college and looking through them is like retracing my steps. Wandering through these books is like wandering through the woods of my own psyche, finding artifacts of my existence all along the way.

Spread from Kendall Quack Sketchbook
Spread from Kendall Quack Sketchbook

Drawings of anything and everything are interrupted by little journal entries, or snippets of conversations and the thoughts that they spark. They range from absurd to angsty and instantly transport me back to that time and place.

Spread of Sketchbook by Kendall Quack

I miss having such an extensive sketchbook practice, layering lines and shapes on top of each other in a way that intimately reflected my own thought patterns — jumping from subject to subject, scanning the room and ruminating on conversations taken out of context.

Sketchbook Spread Kendall Quack

On Tuesday the 22nd I’ll be releasing a couple of sketchbook zines that compile a bunch of these spreads into digestible chunks. The name of this project is The Proof is in the Process and it will be available through my revamped Etsy shop.

Sifting through these books, I saw a kind of vulnerability and transparency that feels so far from me now. These sketchbooks became my safe place, a way to understand the things happening around me and put them into my own context. That sort of transparency and vulnerability is inspiring to me, and hopefully for others. I ache for that now.

I decided that the best way to fulfill it is to open myself up and share these things with people. I’m so looking forward to sharing a glimpse of my process and internal workings.

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