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Tenderheart Studio on Threadless

Imagine me circa 2005, sitting hunched over a desktop computer eating cocoa puffs out of the box and working endlessly to craft the perfect layouts for Xanga. Do you remember Xanga? That post-LiveJournal, pre-MySpace era website where you could make your own custom blog to house all of your angsty rants and even set music to them?

I got deep into that world as a preteen and knew lots of other layout designers that got images for their backgrounds from Threadless. Looking back on it now as someone who makes a living with their artwork, it was probably not a very polite or even legal way to design things, but I was a 12 year old kid whose screen name was (embarrassingly) BubblyChic.

ANYWAY the point of that cringe-worthy anecdote is to say that this was my introduction to Threadless. I was reintroduced later on in college when I bought a sassy shirt that said “Do Shit That Matters,” a perfect sentiment for a 19 year old rebellious college freshman.

Fast forward to 2018 and I find myself on Threadless again, adapting my own illustrations for products on their website, creating my own Artist Shop. My, how the tables have turned. Will I find one day that some brooding teenager has stolen my design to enhance their own online aesthetic?

To be quite honest, I would be honored. Cycle of life, man.

Some things have changed about Threadless since those Xanga days, though. They don’t just offer t-shirts now, expanding their offerings to things like notebooks, pillows, blankets, and even stickers and shoes.

This is just a sample of more things to come from this exciting endeavor. Click here to see more in the shop!