Scorpio Season

Tuesday marked the beginning of scorpio season, and to celebrate I’ve made a new illustration. 

As a fixed sign, Scorpio is headstrong and sometimes stubborn. On the flipside, they are loyal and determined. They carry a strong intuition that allows them to see people for who they are beneath the mask. Their bravery and steadfastness allows them to confront darkness and transform pain into the medicine that gives them a deep wisdom about the world.

The chrysanthemum in this image represents Scorpio’s ability to thrive despite (or maybe because of) adversity. It represents the transformation of pain into medicine. The moon shines a light in the darkness, and represents the depth that Scorpio so often possesses, deeply in tune with their shadow side. The candle and flame are the emotional intensity that Scorpio, especially Lunar Scorpio, tends to display. This sign is one of intensity, for better or worse.

My moon sign is Scorpio and I often find that I identify more with that than Leo, my sun sign. I spend a lot of time diving deep into my shadow and digging up my own dirt. This week I’ve found myself crashing hard into this season with that classic emotional intensity, spending time digging deep into my soul’s purpose and asking hard questions about my work and who it’s serving and what greater good it’s doing. I have no answers, only hope.

Not sure what I’m talking about with all of this astrology nonsense? I’d love to recommend some resources. Costar Astrology offers simple, plain spoken descriptions of the signs and your own natal chart. For a more in depth assessment you can also find your natal chart here, or contact your local astrologer.

I’m happy to announce that this illustration is now available on items like shirts, tapestries, and even good old fashioned art prints via my artist shop on Threadless! If you haven’t heard of it, Threadless is a website where artists submit designs to be printed on various objects. They recently launched their Artist Shops feature which allows artists to create their own online store. I’ve been hard at work on this one and I’m really excited to release it into the wild and give folks affordable access to quality stuff with cool artwork.

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