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Where is the boundary for how much of your personal life you're supposed to share through your business? I'm not sure. Maybe there are some articles out there about it. In fact, I have one similarly focused article by Carolyn Elliott queued up right now. I wonder about it often, but ultimately the deepest tenet of my practice is a vulnerability and connection with others, and sharing pieces of real life is part of that. I feel like I've got a bit of catching up to do on that front on this blog, and so here goes.

My life has been in transition for what seems like years by now. Rushing to capture the moment before it slips away, seeking the next clear stretch of time so that I can finally take a breath. While meandering through the desert this summer I had a couple of realizations that completely changed my perspective: 

First, that the goal I had been striving toward is a moving target. I may never feel that sense of finality, of closure, of "being there," or "making it," because necessarily, the goal that I'm seeking, that we're all seeking, doesn't exist. It's an idea, a figment, and while it may keep us going, it also prevents us from living presently and completely. Letting go of that goal-oriented mindset has been key in my quest for presence and mindfulness and well-living.

The second realization was that only I can give myself that clear stretch. I alone am responsible for setting boundaries for myself and my work, and I alone know what I need and what is right for me. What liberation to realize that truth! 

So, I'm aware that the present moment is all that exists, my goals and future hopes don't exist except as figments of my imagination, and I'm aware that I alone am responsible for my destiny. Fate is in my own hands, not in the hands of a deity, of a society, or a partner. What next? What becomes of that information?

I opened myself, my heart and mind, to the next step. In everything is balance, and so quietly, I opened myself up to see whatever signal the universe wanted to send me to let me know where I should be, what life held next for me.


The answer came loud and clear when, while listening intently to red rocks crunching beneath my feet and breathing deep the scent of juniper and forest fire, the words "come to Minneapolis," came from the mouth my hiking companion. At last! The signal I'd been waiting patiently for, quite literally placed before me.

Minneapolis has had a small part of my heart for a handful of years by this point. After my first visit I was convinced that the north was a place I could stay. And despite my aversion to cold weather, the politic, the connection to nature, the humor and the comfort were all things that I felt deeply in tune with. Each subsequent trek to the northern lands has filled me with the same deep sense of peace, calm, clarity, and safety -- a feeling of connection and belonging that I have yet to find anywhere else.

So, friends, here I am, shifting North. 

This move has me thinking about the future of my work, and I’d like to share those thoughts with you all.

If you've followed along on instagram at all, you know that I recently changed my handle to tenderheartstudio. My illustration practice as it stands now began with a commitment to draw every single day, no matter what. I have always held the belief that if you show up and do the work, the rest will follow, and Tenderheart is proof of that. I began with drawing, and kept it up until the need for prints arose. I followed the thread wherever it seemed to lead me, wherever this project wanted to go I stood behind and gently guided, like teaching a child to ride a bike. The last year and a half has given me so much hope, and Tenderheart has begun to sprout little legs and kick them out in an effort to stand on its own. I want to honor that, so with this move I’ll be taking a tiny break to brand Tenderheart Studio, put together an in-house line of goods (For Tenderhearts), and spruce everything up real nice-like. This baby’s growing up and I couldn’t be happier. In the meantime, I’ll be holding a sale in the shop to clear out excess stock. All prints are on sale for up to 70% off.

Thank you so dearly for supporting me, for believing in this, and for following along. Truly, it’s because of you that this is happening. I just make the stuff, you give it life.