Inktober Week Two Recap

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Well, hello there. I sailed through that first week but by the end of week two of Inktober I crashed and burned pretty thoroughly. I missed one day and then the rest just spiraled from there.

That’s okay, though! I haven’t been sticking with the prompts but I have been drawing everyday, and that’s certainly an accomplishment.

Here’s a round up of Week Two:

Day 7: Reaper

A reaper is a tool used for harvesting wheat, grass, or in the case of the Grim Reaper, souls. The poppy is often a symbol of death or sleep, so I chose to have the reaper cutting through the poppies – a more symbolic take on the grim reaper.

Overall this drawing represents the harvest, rebirth, and the renewal that Autumn encourages.

This design is now available on all kinds of merch (including some badass hoodies) via Threadless.

Day 8: Burial

This is a different kind of burial. A beautiful urn with poppies, again symbolic of death and sleep.

Inktober Day 9 Burial.png
Inktober Day 12 Coffin.png

Day 12: Coffin

Plain and simple, I haven’t drawn enough snakes lately. Snakes are often shown in ancient artwork to represent the Earth and/or chthonic deities — those that dwell below ground. The snake in this drawing is the keeper of the underworld, escorting the dead to their final resting places.

Day 13: Conjuring the Dead

Lots of death-related themes this week, so it’s fitting that so many poppies have showed up in these drawings. This one’s fun, just a li’l skull in a flower.

Inktober Day 13 Conjuring the dead.png

These prompts have been fun to think about, but I can pretty clearly pinpoint where I went off the rails. Day 10 was Fairies and Goblins and immediately, the thought of having to draw a human and share it paralyzed me.

Does this ever happen with you? You want so badly to just do something the right way and make it come out like it is in your head that you never really start because you don’t trust yourself enough?

That’s something I’ll need to work on.

Have you stuck with Inktober? What challenges have you faced?

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