6 Ways to Make Money as an Illustrator

6 Ways to Make Money as an Illustrator

Sometimes when I’m asked what I do for a living and I say I’m an illustrator, I get some confused looks from folks who aren’t sure what that means. 

“Oh, like children’s books?” is the inevitable followup question, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it also tells me that there may not be enough awareness surrounding the industry and just how much Illustrators can do for work. 

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Funny how the simple act of softening my style feels so vulnerable for me. It feels like sharing the less cynical side of me, when the cynic is the one that’s kept me safe.

But the cynic is also the one that’s held me back, kept me within the bounds of my comfort zone. It’s been comfortable, but like a snake I’ve been ready to shed that exterior.

The reception to this new way of working — and ultimately, of seeing the world — has been received quite well, to my surprise. And prints of these new works are now on INPRNT. It’s a print on demand site that makes gallery quality giclée prints, and artists must be voted in to have a shop.

Ferns of Minnesota INPRNT
Wildflowers of Minnesota Kendall Quack INPRNT
Datura Kendall Quack INPRNT

I wrote a little bit more in depth about this shift in style in this month’s patron only newsletter over on Patreon. If you like these posts and would like a more in depth look at my process, a pledge over there would be very much appreciated! Patreon allows me to sustain my living and continue making art. And I may or may not have a very special release coming up in the next week that will only be available to patrons ;) Click here to view my page.

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When "Want To" Becomes "Have To"

We have surely all experienced lulls in motivation. If you’re an artist, maybe you’ve had spans of time where you just couldn’t bring yourself to get into the studio. I’ve been hearing the question a lot lately in creative circles, “how to you stay motivated to make art?”

It was Chuck Close that said “inspiration is for amateurs.” And lots of professional artists I’ve heard answer this question reply with what amounts to the same thing. The art is the motivation. Art gives them life. It drives them. Sometimes, art keeps us going when all else fails.

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