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Inktober Week Two Recap

These prompts have been fun to think about, but I can pretty clearly pinpoint where I went off the rails. Day 10 was Fairies and Goblins and immediately, the thought of having to draw a human and share it paralyzed me.

Does this ever happen with you? You want so badly to just do something the right way and make it come out like it is in your head that you never really start because you don’t trust yourself enough?

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An Introduction to Fire Cider

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When I first came to herbalism, I was quickly drawn to the idea of food as medicine. Cayenne increases blood flow and acts as a gastric stimulant, aiding in digestion. Chewing a fennel seed also aids in digestion. Garlic is antiseptic and can be used to help clear acne. Apples sooth gastric issues and can be used topically to aid in the healing of skin infections.

Fall has crept its way into Minnesota – the leaves have all changed and the nights are cool, which means that flu season is looming and every sneeze, sniffle and cough in my household has us holding our breath and stocking up on immune boosters.

That’s where fire cider comes in.

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